Selected Excerpts

"The found objects brilliantly embellished and manipulated by Kry Bastian are nerve-shatteringly poetic... Her works make you want to embrace them. They give the impression that they are the only objects remaining in civilization at the end of time. Hers is an immense talent." 

Thomas Hoving, former Director, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

World-Class Art. Cigar Aficionado, Summer 1995

"Memory dwells in the same stratum as dreams. It is personal, providing a varied, emotion-laden, and unique construction of a series of events experiences, but also somewhat unknowable, being vulnerable to influence, time's murkiness, and self-corrective rationalization. In these works, Bastian has captured the  uncanny sensation of deja vu, that mysterious recognition, and the compelling expression of her objects ultimately emerges from the realization that their past- familiar yet strange- could be ours."

Kristin Gaylord, Kristin Gaylord on Kry Bastian, art=text=art.